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Spiritual Temple

This temple is a Thrimoorthi Temple and so containing the deities of Brahma, Vishnu, Siva The name of Lord Sivaperuman in this temple is Magudeshwara, the Goddess part is Soundhranayaki. Lord Brahma of this temple has no goddess part. The name of Mahavishnu in this temple is Veeranarayanaperumal with the Goddess part Thirumangai Nachiyar. Lord Sivaperuman of destructive duty, Vishnu of Protective duty and Brahma of creative duty are the trinity of Hindu spirituality system. This sthalam is fullfilled with three main features. Moorthy - This defines the thrimoorthi system Theertham - This defines the holy river Kaviri and other Holy water origins inside the temple, i.e. Bharadhwaja Theertham, Brahma Theertham, Deva Theertham viz. Sthalam - The over all divine qualities of this religious spot. Lord Magudeswara is called in various names as Paandi Kodumudi Nathar, Malaikozhundheesar etc.,
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SUBHA VINAYAGAR BAKTHA JANA CHARITABLE TRUST - Regd 391/ /2002 Mr. M.A.M .Gurunayagam ,D.F.T (President) Mr.M.Subramanium (Vice President) Mr.V.Thiruganasambanthan (Secretary) Ms.Vijayalakshmi Balraj, B.sc (Treasurer) Mr.R.Shanmugam (Vice Secretary)
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The History of the Divine Monolithic Idol in the making We wish to introduce our Village, Kangayanoor, which is poised to be recorded in history. It is between Tirupathi & Tiruvannamalai on NH 234, about 150 KM from Tirupathi. As one of the traditionally historic and spiritually venerated towns of Tamil Nadu in Southern Peninsular India, Thiruvannamalai District is well known for its everlasting peace and divinity. A small hillock by name Gopuramalai near Kangayanoor village of Polur Taluk is the chosen spot to chisel out a huge 78 feet tall Monolithic Idol of Sri Srinivasa Perumal from the rarest speckled granite.
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As one enters the city Thiruvannamalai, the Rajagopuram standing majestically, soaring a height of 217 feet comes to view first. It has 11 stories. This tower is a standing testimony to the artistic genius of the Vijayanagar Dynasty. The Paathala (underground) Linga which is inside the temple in the south west corner of thousand pillared hall is one where Ramana Maharishi worshipped and secured liberation. Next comes Kambath Illayanar Sannadhi where Arunagiri Swami, the author of Thirupugazh was granted Mukthi. The temple has Six enclosures which includes 9 gopurams(Towers). In the West - Pey Gopuram In the North - Ammani Ammal Gopuram In the South - Thirumanjana Gopuram. Among the Gopurams Raja Gopuram is the big tower in the east and it was built by the King Vallala. And also the Entrance to the temple.
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This is one of the oldest temples (around 1000 years) built by the Chola, Pandya and Vijaynagar kings. This temple is about 10 kms from river Pennaiyar. Streams of this river is called Pamba. Sri Pancha Mukha Anjaneyar at Panchavadi. Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan at 10 kms Poovarasan Kuppam Sri Adi Thiruvarangam about 30 kms in distance Sri Thiru Vikraman at Tirukoviloor about 30 kms in distance. (This temple is one among the 108 Divya Desam.) Sri Narasimhan at Parical Sri Thiruvendhipuram Devanathan about 35 kms in distance. It is said that as part of the culverts Godess lakshmi and Saraswathi took the blessings of Sri Varadarajan and Nagaraja got Papavimosanam. People having kalasarpa dhosam are advised to visit this temple and seek the lord’s blessings on their Janma Natchatthram day. By bowing down before the Thulabaram the devotees sankalpams get fulfilled namely, bad health, delayed marriages, improvement in studies, and family’s peace of mind and mitigation of sarva dhoshas. It is proved that the visitors from the neighbouring villages get their vows fulfilled.
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Rajaguru Brahmashri Guruvayur Sri Sri Suryan Namboothiry was born on April 27, 1959 at Guruvayur, Kerala. He has learnt the Science of Astrology and Thantric practices from renowned scholars and established authorities as also by studying rare and ancient collections of books and SUVADIES. He gained mastery over the subject through sheer hard work, analyzing it from all angles and is now himself an acknowledged authority on the subject. When an individual brings his / her horoscope for consultation Rajaguru Brahmashri Guruvayur Sri Sri Suryan Namboothiry ensures whether it actually belongs to the individual before he proceeds to study the horoscope. While giving the results of his study he presents the true picture as indicated therein and never makes predictions merely to satisfy his clients. Similarly, while suggesting any remedial measures whenever it is possible according to SASTRIC principles, he would do so, after ensuring that there would be cent-percent success. Otherwise, he would straightaway inform them that remedial actions would not bear fruit.
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Sri Maruti Bhakta samajan trust, consisting of people with high spiritual beliefs, wished for this temple. with the blessings of Sri Ragavendra swami and Sri Kanchi Paramacharyar entrenched the 32 foot idol of Sri Anjaneyar in 1989 and consummated the Kumbabishekam in 1995. The distinguished factor of the 32 feet idol is that it was molded out of a single rock. DIVINESS OF THE TEMPLE The Bhaktha Anjaneya temple at Nanganallur in Chennai is known for bestowing better health to the devotees. The idol of the central image is 32 feet in height making it one of its own kind. Sri Rama, Sri Lakshmana and Seetha with Sri Anjaneyar, Sri Vinayagar, Sri Ragavendra and Sri Krishna with his consorts Bhama and Rukmini are also indoctrinated here. The idol is believed to have special power and is considered a healer.
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Sri Guru Ramana Maharshi, previously named Venkataraman, was born in Tiruchuli village, Tamil Nadu, on 30th December 1879. Excerpt from Self Inquiry, a discussion with Sri Ramana Maharshi The jiva itself is Shiva; Shiva Himself is the jiva. It is true that the jiva is none other than Shiva. When the grain is hidden inside the husk, it is called paddy; when it is de-husked, it is called rice. Similarly, so long as one is bound by karma one remains a jiva; when the bond of ignorance is broken, one shines as Shiva, the Deity. Thus declares a scriptural text. Accordingly, the jiva which is mind is in reality the pure Self; but, forgetting this truth, it imagines itself to be an individual soul and gets bound in the shape of mind.
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Thiruvannamalai is a sacred place situated in the southern part of the holy land Bharat Varsha (Mother India). This place is regarded as a shrine devoted to Agni (Fire), one of the five elements – Pancha Bhootha. Large number of spiritual savants known as Siddhas have been here from the distant past. Coming in that tradition is , His Holiness Bhagwan Shri Yogi Ramsuratkumar, who in our own times has taken his abode here and Sri Bhagwan Yogi Ramsuratkumar Baktha Samaj was founded by Mataji Suchindram Rajalakshmi with His blessings in 1998 and has been rendering spiritual service since then. The first and primary task of this Samaj is to spread the glory of “Ram Nam”– OM SRI RAM JAI RAM JAI JAI RAM – among as many people as possible. It is the considered opinion of many who are born in this land that singing God’s praise or Nama Sankeerthan, is the best means to concentrate the minds of those who, in this Kali Yuga struggle endlessly, being caught in the ocean of mundane existence samsara sagara.
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Growth of Sri Ram Samaj : Our institution in its strident growth over 57 years is well known in many parts of the nation for several activities in the realms of religion, Philosophy, education and the cultural and social activities. The progressive growth graph of Sri Ram Samaj, from a humble beginning through the Golden Jubilee, the long transition, is one of transformation from vibrant existence to a resounding growth. Today Sri Ram Samaj, as you would share , stands like a ‘Banyan tree’ as a unique and premier institution in the city for the propagation and practice of Sanathana Dharma. The steep growth is made possible, due to wide support of general public. Sri Ram Samaj has under its umbrella four units as follows : Ayodhya Aswamedha Maha Mandapam, Mithilapuri Kalyana Mandapam, Sri Sitaram Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Sec. School, Gnanavapi
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