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Growth of Sri Ram Samaj : Our institution in its strident growth over 57 years is well known in many parts of the nation for several activities in the realms of religion, Philosophy, education and the cultural and social activities. The progressive growth graph of Sri Ram Samaj, from a humble beginning through the Golden Jubilee, the long transition, is one of transformation from vibrant existence to a resounding growth. Today Sri Ram Samaj, as you would share , stands like a ‘Banyan tree’ as a unique and premier institution in the city for the propagation and practice of Sanathana Dharma. The steep growth is made possible, due to wide support of general public. Sri Ram Samaj has under its umbrella four units as follows : Ayodhya Aswamedha Maha Mandapam, Mithilapuri Kalyana Mandapam, Sri Sitaram Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Sec. School, Gnanavapi
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VISHRANTI BHAVAN is a center for the care of SICK & ELDERLY persons run by the "MEDICAL SISTERS OF ST. JOSEPH" (M.S.J.). This Congregation was canonically erected in 1946 with the charism of Compassionate love to reach out the suffering brothren and contribute towards total healing and wholeness. MSJs are committed to extend the Compassionate love of Jesus Christ through Hospitals, dispensaries, primary health centers, mobile clinics, centers for physically, mentally, and socially challenged people, para medical training centers etc. to establish the kingdom of God where they are. Vishranti Bhavan - Brief History The center got established on 18th March 1998 in Kozhikode district, Kerala. The urgency to address issues of paramount humanitarian importance prompted us to resolve care to old persons and treatment to ill and bedridden elderly patients.
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WOE helps people trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty, living in inhuman conditions and those who are deprived of the most basic means of sustenance. Our aim is to eradicate poverty by helping the underprivileged lead an independent and self-sufficient life. The Eagle has come a long way towards the mission by the relentless services of the trustees of WOE and kind-hearted volunteers.
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