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Non-Profit Organizations & Trusts

ADAIKALAM Trust is a non-governmental organization started in the year 2008 and registered under Indian trust act. It mainly focus in bringing sustainable development for the people in enriching their capacities and provides them opportunities to develop their life. It has been reached out more than 1000 beneficiaries in vocational training and taking various initiatives in building them as entrepuerners. It works with a holistic approach by providing equal services for all people for their community and self-development. The women and child issues were taken immediate actions many youth who thought of lost their lives were developed as a strong enterpuerners and many are self-employed. The rural communities are supported to develop their agricultural sector and make their cultivation more effective. All the activities of the organization are linked with each other and it works to bring a sustainable development in the community.
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The physically challenged/special children from rural areas are neglected by the society. As a result of this the children become depressed. Providing them with proper medical facilities and nursing them will help them to over come their disabilities. Realizing all these and also by way of carrying out social responsibility, Anugraha Trust was established by its present Trustees in the year November 2001. The objects of the Trust include providing for shelter and rehabilitation of mentally and physically challenged, disabled children, children suffering from down's syndrome and children who are otherwise underprivileged or disabled. One of the Trustees namely, Ms. Vanajakshi is staying in the premises where the children are taken care of and she has dedicated her full time to the good cause. She is involved personally in the Trust activities and attends to the children on a day to day basis at Door No:413, Guru Krupa, 11th Main Road, Alanahalli Layout, Mysore - 11. These children have various types of disorders and disabled and require constant attention, love, reassurance and affirmations of hope and a better tomorrow. They have to be helped at all levels to get integrated with the society. The Trust has taken its responsibility seriously and has become a centre of hope for these children. The entire effort of the Trustees revolve around these children who are the budding flowers of the society.
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Arulagam, organization established in the year 2002 to cherish the fond memory of Mr.Arul Moli who passed away in 2001. He inspired many of his friends to conserve nature for the survival of all the living beings. Arulagam named after him, and it was registered on the World Environment Day with the following conception. Every form of life is unique, warranting respect though its worth to mankind, might not be obvious. Man must be guided by a moral code of action for the sustenance of nature and its resources. Nature should be respected and its essential processes should not be impaired. Man has a special responsibility to safeguard and wisely manage the heritage of wildlife and its habitat, which are now gravely imperiled by a combination of adverse factors. In this regard Arulagam strives to build up the capacity of various stakeholders for nature conservation, including wildlife and coastal environment through field based participatory action programmes.
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South India is synonymous with rich History , Culture and Heritage .The splendid Tanjore Periya Kovil , ancient Sangam age temples in and around kumbakonam all in addition to spiritual significance are classic examples of Architectural supremacy. The famous Karungal Palagani in Thiruvalanzuchi , the Sculptures in Darasuram temple mandapam, Intricate carvings and aesthetically designed Gopurams of Gangai Konda Chola Puram structure all make one proud and wonder at this engineering marvel of the by gone era. The region has to its credit the Navagraha kshetrams as well adding to its significance , popularity and glory. Back to Roots invites feed back from Sons of the Soil on this Treasure Bhandaar of our native CHOZA VALA NAADU.
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The Emmaus Foundation desires to place a copy of the entire Bible in the picture strip form in every home; that every person comes to know of the all the incidents and the characters recorded in the Bible and thereby made aware of God's love for each and every person on this earth.
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Grace Foundation is a charitable trust registered in the year 2002 with an initial focus on empowerment of women, children education and child labour elimination. Our activities have expanded as per the demands from the rural communities in which they are working and have come to include poverty, production, intervention among rural poor families in a big way. We have formed 150 Self Help groups among 2500 women in Selaiyur, Madambakkam, Sembakkam, Gowrivakkam, Tambaram, Peerkankaranai, Agharam Then villages in Kanchipuram District.
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கடவுளே அறிவியல் அறிவியலே கடவுள் என உணர்த்தல் கடவுளை அறிவியல் மூலம் உணர்வது உணர்வுக் கொள்கையே அனைத்து பேரண்ட கொள்கைகட்கும் ஆணிவேர் என உணர்த்துவது கடவுள் உணர்வே பேரண்டமாக படிமுறை வளர்ச்சி பெற்றுள்ளதை நிறுவுதல் உணர்வுக் கொள்கையை விரித்துரைத்து விளக்கல் உணர்வுக் கொள்கை வழியாக சமய மறுமலர்ச்சி உண்டாக்கல் எங்கள் வெளியீடுகள் அனைத்தும் கடவுள் அறிவியல் மீது உள்ளன.
THE TRUST The Jaishri Educational and Healthcare Trust was registered on 14th Dec 2005 and the trust members, 1. A.Ravi - M.Sc B.Ed Founder Trustee 2.M. Jayasekar,D.M.E., B.B.A., 3.R. Mahendra Prasad,D.E.E.E..B.BA 4.G.Subbarayalu Naidu 5. D. Kumar The members of this trust hail from highly respectable and educated families, the Trust was established to enable the Students of improvised families in villages to gain a fruitful education and till date this has been its primary objectives. The trust also planning to establish an engineering college, B.Ed College, Arts & Science College & Para Medical College in the future.
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We are group of individuals who have a common goal “To help individuals suffering from problems related to Kidney, Heart and Liver etc.” There is a need for this help Individuals that suffer from Kidney, Liver and Heart related diseases do not necessarily have to belong to higher income groups. There are many who belong to middle and lower income groups who nevertheless suffer from the above - mentioned conditions. Treatment for such diseases is available only in Tertiary Care Hospitals and Specialized Institutions that are situated in big cities; they are always expensive. Medicines for such diseases are also very expensive and cannot be afforded by poor and middle income groups of people. Hospital admission for persons with similar diseases has to be in quality hospitals and such admission is accompanied by huge expenditure.
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Kalasapakkam is a fast growing town on the river bed of Cheyyar River in the Polur Taluk of Tiruvannamalai district. It is located on the way to Parvathamalai and it is a community of hard working people. The town is governed by a Panchayat and it is known as a peaceful and harmonious community. The town has grown financially and many of the people from this town are educated and living abroad. There are a lot of farmers, weavers, potters in the community along with the business people. A paper mill offers employment to hundreds of people and it is a well known landmark here. There is a police station, union office, post office and an elementary school. There are also numerous nursery schools, girls higher secondary schools and boys higher secondary schools.
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