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Assk Corporate Advisory Services

Title: Assk Corporate Advisory Services
Category: Cinema & Films
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Listing added: Dec 23, 2011
J Sainsbury’s, one of UK’s largest retail chains originated in a 60 square feet space in London when Jackie & Sainsbury set up a small retail shop in 1869, setting the trend for organized retailing more than a century back. So are Mr Narayanamurthy of “Infosys” and Mr Yusuf Ali of “LULU” who have been ahead of times in their businesses. We are Pro active. We are Innovative. We think ahead of times yet realistic. We are optimistic yet careful. We listen to others and above all, we always ask ourselves a question before doing anything. We got together, pooled in our talent and resources to help create another J Sainsbury’s, another Narayanamurthy and one more Yusuf Ali. We understand the dynamic Global market and are aware of its challenges. We call ourselves “” - Corporate Advisory Services and have got together to transform and redefine strategies by integrating knowledge, vision and innovation. Assk is a blend of experienced and seasoned professionals with expertise in niche and specialized areas. Our philosophy has always been to bring something unique to the table that will add value to our clients. We carefully understand the needs of our clients and advise them with the best possible cost-effective solution vis-à-vis the time lines set by the clients. We leverage our strengths to the best advantage of the clients and strongly believe in extending our expertise to clients who need us. In short, we will always be client-centric rather than generalists and we at a s s k make things happen.

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